About Frankenskein Yarn Company

Since 2010, Frankenskein Yarns has been producing high quality, hand-dyed fibre and yarn.

Frankenskein Yarn Company started out as a small shop on a hand-made seller’s platform (which won’t be mentioned!) selling yarn, spinning fibre and affordable knitting/crocheting supplies and, eventually, expanded to my own website. Migrating to a solo-website allowed me to have more control over the content and the selling policies.

With lower over head costs and more control over the content, I could continue to offer high quality fibres, yarns, and knitting supplies that remained competitive with the market.

About the Dr:

By day I’m a mild mannered junior data analyst influencing the world of data with my quirky views on data visualization, but by night, I snap on my rubber gloves and become Dr. Frankenskein – the creator of new and adventurous colour combinations. I often find myself day-dreaming about beautifully soft yarns dyed in infinite shades of colour.

I’m a firm believer in colour therapy. Certain shades make us feel strong, powerful, and express our personal statements to the world, while others make us feel delicate, pretty and loved. How do you want to feel?

Wrap yourself in a little bit of luxury that makes a statement.