Knitting Needle Size
Australia, New Zealand & Metric
Knitting Needle Size
Crochet Hook Size
Australia, New Zealand & Metric
Crochet Hook Size
000 1.50mm 1.50mm
00 1.75mm 1.75mm
0 2.00mm 0 2.00mm
1 2.25mm B-1 2.25mm
1.5 2.50mm 2.50mm
2 2.75mm C-2 2.75mm
2.5 3.00mm 3.00mm
3 3.25mm D-3 3.25mm
4 3.50mm E-4 3.50mm
5 3.75mm F-5 3.75mm
6 4.00mm G-6 4.00mm
7 4.50mm US7 4.50mm
8 5.00mm H-8 5.00mm
9 5.50mm I-9 5.50mm
10 6.00mm J-10 6.00mm
10.5 6.50mm K-10.5 6.50mm
10.75 7.00mm 10.75 7.00mm
10.85 7.50mm 7.50mm
11 8.00mm L-11 8.00mm
13 9.00mm M-13 9.00mm
15 10.00mm N-15 10.00mm
17 12.00mm O-17 12.00mm
19 15.00mm P-19 15.00mm

This chart has been developed using information from the following articles: List of United States Standard Crochet Hook and Knitting Needle Sizes, Crochet Hook Conversion Chart, Hooks and Needles by Craft Yarn Council, and Knitbuddies: Needle Conversion.

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