Flexible cables and seamless joins are teamed with high quality stainless steel sharp tips to offer strength and ease of knitting. These needles have a hollow construction for a lovely lightweight feel when knitting your favorite projects. The tapered point of the sharp tip is ideal for intricate stitch patterns such as lace shawls, socks, hats and any the other knitting project where accuracy and speed are important.

The stainless steel material of this needle is best suited for yarns with grip such as any yarn base that includes wool or acrylic. The slickness of the steel provides less resistance, which provides a smooth and speedy knitting experience.

Suggested HiyaHiya Fixed Sharp Circular Knitting Needle length for your project(s):

Needle Length Project Type
9″/23cm – 12″/30cm




32″/80cm – 40″/100cm

47″/120cm – 60″/150cm

Socks, collars, doll and baby items

Sleeves, collars, baby items and hats

Hats and baby items

Children’s items, socks and sweaters

Sweaters, socks, afghans and lace work

Afghans, lace work and sweaters